Wednesday, August 13, 2008

from the archives: a letter I sent to the Badger Herald re: the comic "Better Left Unsaid"

Sent Monday, May 7, 2007 10:49 am
Subject Genius

To the "authors" of Better Left Unsaid,
Is it really the last week readers will be graced with the pleasure of reading your incoherent, idiotic rants? Wow, it truly is a sad day for all the bigots, meatheads and ignorant morons of the UW campus (which apparently is a HUGE demographic since you guys managed to convince someone to keep publishing your garbage this long). I would just like to tell you guys that I've read your comic strip as much as possible since I first discovered it, and you have absolutely NO
talent or future whatsoever in satire, writing, comedy, graphic design (HA!) or animation, and the editors of the Badger Herald should be ashamed with themselves.
Trust me, I "get it," I understand the type of offensive, subervise approach you're going for, but you just suck at it. Really, really badly. Journey to a coastie's vagina? Are you fucking kidding me? I couldn't even enjoy that on the shitter in college library, where I enjoy pretty much anything. You want to know why? BECAUSE IT WASN'T FUNNY, IT DIDN'T MAKE SENSE AND YOU DIDN'T REALLY PUSH ANY BOUNDARIES OR GIVE THE READERS ANYTHING THEY COULDN'T TAKE, like the best of the type of comedy you guys wish you could imitate. It was just an insignificant, childish peak at the bong-soaked conversations you and your pathetic friends have on a regular basis, a jealousy-fueled rant against people that probably have way more fun than you in college. It wasn't "edgy," unless you consider the scrawlings of a 12-year-old with [red.] syndrome "edgy." (Hey, maybe you guys have been going for the outsider art thing this whole time.) You know how someone released the plays written by Cho, the VT killer? When I read them, I was INSTANTLY reminded of your moronic peice of shit comic strip, because you guys sound like fucking complete idiots.
Anyway, good luck with your future. You guys should put the Better Left Unsaid comic strip on your resumes. There's a real feather in your cap!

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Anonymous said...

Quite the rant! I was one of the (many) co-authors for this mish-mash of a disaster of a comic. Responces like these are proof that we got what we wanted out our 'down syndromesque' scrawlings ( a responce ) I wonder if the man left in charge ever wrote you back... returning hate mail was the best part about the comic.

Just a note; I really like how you accuse readers of the comic to be 'bigots' and 'meat heads' and then turn around and belittle those who suffer from down syndrome. Are you sure you didn't coloaborate with us on a few strips ha ha

Cheers mate!