Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a new beginning

So I've finally decided to begin blogging again. I had a short run with it a while back, but this time it will be much different. I'm keeping the blatant ineptitude moniker, but I'm gonna publish through this site rather than the one Dan and I set up in order to keep it low-key, more personal. I don't plan on publicizing this among my real-life friends, which would very easily be accomplished with a simple link on my facebook page. Maybe I'll switch it over if anyone actually ever reads this... 

For months, blogging has been one of those "t0-do" things for me, like  joining a gym or something like that. I've been needing some kind of therapeutic intellectual release, and it's pretty silly that I haven't just done it already. I spend all day on the internet, obsessively checking message boards and music blogs. At the same time, I'm constantly kicking myself because I feel I don't write enough, or that I don't have a well-rounded portfolio of published clips. The internet has become both my most time-consuming hobby and the bane of my existence, so I figured maybe if I channeled all the energy I put into traversing the Web into writing I may be able to relieve some of this pent up nervousness I have over finding a job in four short months, etc.

Since this blog is going to be my very own confessional, it's important to know a little bit about me. I'm a senior graduating in May, I'm a journalism major and I tend to write about music mostly, although I have not been doing it as much as I should be lately. I'm also a DJ, so much of what ends up on here will most likely be about the music that saves me from obscurity/insanity/killing myself or everybody else. I'm hoping to become a writer, or at least be involved in some sort of media, whether it is online news, traditional newspaper or magazine or even television writing. I would really love to work for a music culture/lifestyle magazine in NYC, so we'll see over the coming months how that works out. 

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