Tuesday, February 19, 2008

biggest hit of '08?

One of my favorite music writers just did a really great piece on a few tracks from pop megastars' forthcoming albums, a few records that face a drastically different landscape than the last time time people like Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson prepped new projects. One of these stars is Usher, whose last album was a colossal but whose recent leaked track "Dat Girl" was not well-received. I have a feeling that his newest one will be a little different. I'm gonna have to go with Breihan here and predict that this song will be HUGE, and I hope it is. Shit's great. I am not mad at this new synth thing we've got going on in the second half of this decade, and Polow absolutely kills the epic synth cathedral vibe here. This is a white girl panty-dropper in about 2 months, maybe less. Move over "Flashing Lights"/"Good Life," "Sensual Seduction" and "Boots with the fur!!" or "Apple Bottom Jeans!!!!!!!!!" or "Do you have that one by Flow Rider called get lowowowwww?!?" Actually, just move over T-Pain in general! Although, that may be wishful thinking (see "Who The Fuck Is That")... This new Usher's got this end-of-the-night, blissful feeling to it, and I can see it just soaking the club with happiness and sing-a-longs...Mmmmmmm...

I have to wonder whether this could have been ever better with someone like Ludacris on it, or maybe Big Boi? Jeezy does hold his own though.

Usher - "In This Club" ft. Young Jeezy

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Marc said...

seriously. t-pain, move the fuck over.

(am I your first commentor? if so, whopee!)