Friday, May 09, 2008

the first (fake) issue of MAD NOISE

that there is part of my final project for my Multimedia Graphic Design class. As I stated before, I discovered that I really don't have a gift for this sort of thing, and luckily I'm relying on other skills to break into the industry (pffffff)...I don't think this is so bad though. I like it, so I'm posting it on my blog. My idea was a magazine for Madison's music scene, but one from my perspective that reflects my taste in music, cuz why not? No one's gonna make the thing anyway, so I might as well put Ian St. Pé's grill on the cover and pretend like Ladyhawk and the Cool Kids are a big deal. Thank god there are other, better mags out there, with designers who know what they're doing. The spread I made for the inside of the pretend magazine is pretty dope, too. Featuring the Greatest Band in America, BLACK LIPS:

these are probably the last time I will ever have to make visual art so don't worry eyeballs everywhere will be safe from now on. click on the spread if you really want to see it. disclosure: I ripped the quote above the photo (which is also stolen) from the badger herald. ALSO: the photo of Ian on the cover is from this guy's flickr account.


Marc said...

im impressed you secured a richard davis interview. did you make it through the chat without him beating your ass for clicking your pen?

Gardner said...

I adidn't really get a richard davis interview...but I'm really glad you caught that biggest it was basically a jokethat about three people in the entire world would get and youre one of them!!! so wierd... he would probably grant me the interview just so he could abuse me for an hour