Thursday, July 24, 2008

black and silver american flags

jeezy somehow managed to get more intense and depressed and cynical over the course of a three year period in which he went from unheard of, barely-talented ATL rapper to messiah status in that city and top-tier rapper in all cities. Dude is so serious right now I love it and I'm feeling like his new album is gonna be a real good one, like a real ALBUM not just a collection of phoned-in favors like his second one (which I think will eventually seem like an anomaly sandwiched between his debut, which is an undeniable CLASSIC OF ALL CLASSICS, and The Recession). Anyway, Felipe went over to Def Jam yesterday and got Jeezy to spill a little bit of info (he's been extremely tight on giving away anything about the new album) and as you can see in the video he was kind of, well, grave. So over three albums he's gone from motivation to inspiration to reality check.

anyway, I'm really feeling the Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez/Christopher Nolan blacks and whites and greys and dystopian urban America/shiny deep space (in one case) of some of these new videos. I can feel a little Dark Knight ripple effect. Also, The Spirit has ScarJo in it!

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