Wednesday, April 09, 2008

a review of the Dipset (12)

It's been a while since the Dips have been relevant, and they've sort of become uncool. I have the feeling there are a lot of people out there who are pretending they weren't into this in 2004-05. But they were. And it's still great stuff, no matter how many internet rap cycles away we are. The height of the movement is long gone, but I'd like to just remind you of how dope it really was to see these crazy dudes giving NY rap some excitement and originality for the first time in so long. I mean, who's ever gonna touch the Dips on the swagger levels alone? Didn't they birth that whole thing anyway? I think it's almost a good thing that they imploded so they never got too crappy while they were still an official unified group. Although Killa Season flopped and the two More Than Music comps were pretty forgettable (too many shitty second tier dudes), they went out the same way they came in: quick and confusing. I think it's just important to remember that they created some of the weirdest music of the decade.

This post is to commemorate the greatest moments in Dipset audio/video history

Cam'ron "Hey Ma"
The first real Diplomats moment, the coming out party. Not much to say about this. They're like a bunch of comedians in this one. The dance is amazing, of course.

Diplomats "Bout It Bout It...Part III"
Crazy old video from the first Diplomats album. A relic of the throwback jersey era, incredible outfits with matching hats and bandanas all around. Looks like they got all of Harlem to come out for this. A remake of an old Master P and TRU track, with the Ice Cream Man in the video. Classic and grimey as hell.

Juelz Santana "Dipset (Santana's Town)
Juelz first real solo smash. Not a real hit but a Dipset classic nonetheless. Great pink moment in the beginning with Cam in the car, bandanas around the neck and wrist. This song is too ill, a perfect example of the Dipset sound: hammering Trackmasters beat, chanting chorus, stuttering verses with a lot of words that rhyme with themselves.

Diplomats "S.A.N.T.A.N.A."
God I love this one. IM BAAAAACK...The high pitched little kid sample is so recognizable and weird and just out there. The whole thing sounds like it was made by some aliens or something, especially the beat. The furs in the video, the whole NYC setting, the driving...This was Dipset 2.0 at its best. (sorry about the AOL videos, it's impossible to find this one on YouTube)

Jim Jones "Crunk Muzik"
This shit is just frightening. Amazing track, one of the hardest ones they ever made. The quintessential Juelz verse, a hillarious "Tuttie frutti" Cam verse and a sick hook. This should have been a bigger hit... The video is really dope, too, probably my favorite. Great Warriorz theme with Sizzurp bottles.


Big Lev said...

is Dipset movement really dead though? i thought Ballin' was probably biggest hit they've ever had plus Jim Jones just got a mega-record deal to sign new artists, and you know Juelz next solo cd is almost guaranteed to go platinum. as a whole unit, yeah i guess they imploded cause cam'ron is off on a (mental) vacation but who knows.

i'll always remember dipset as the hilarious contradiction of the dudes who rock pink but yell no homo. top 2 dipset songs i might have to go with Horse & Carriage and Rumble Young Man Rumble, dunno though. good shit.

Gardner said...

Ballin was definitely a huge hit butit was a Jim Jones song, not a Dipset song...there's a difference. It also was the real death sentence for them as a group cuz Jones began to think of himself as the big name, and at the same time Cam went into a weird hibernation thing.

if this doesn't make your "chain of the day" then you're sleeping:

Big Lev said...

ah my friend, first ever chain of the day

yeah i love that chain.

youre right about the distinction between dipset/jones. the unity is definitely gone, but maybe it will come back? probably not.