Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Justice - "DVNO" video...So Me est Dieu.

I have a long, troubled history with Justice. After discovering their remixes (and a bunch more by Sebastian, MSTRKRFT) on a blog called To Here Knows When that I think is now defunct (if you're out there, holler) back in the fall of '05, I followed them pretty closely. I bought the "Waters of Nazareth 12" at MC Audio, then the "Never Be Alone" 12 at TTL in NYC. I had every single leaked track, loved em all. I knew the whole movement was popping off on the internet, but couldn't have guessed what would happen in '07. Then when D.A.N.C.E. came out, it blew up, and I had to backtrack and constantly remind the new jacks that I was up on that shit first! blah blah blah, didn't matter.

So Me never crossed that line, though. Even after directing a video for Kanye West and T-Pain, dude is still holding that spot of dope underground designer who gets crazy attention in magazines and online but hasn't fallen off a bit. Maybe that's because designers don't really blow up ever. Nonetheless, if I could pay him to design my whole life I would (walls, clothes, pills that make me see everything as So Me-animated, EVERYTHING). The videos for "D.A.N.C.E." and "Good Life" were whole new levels of dopeness, even after he dropped ill art for Ed Banger single after single. Now here's a new video for fav. album cut-turned new single(??) "DVNO."

I can't stress enough how incredible I think this shit is. I've spent the past six weeks in a design class realizing how lame my own vision is, trying to come up with logos for myself and site designs. If I could design ONE logo as fresh as any of the fake ones in this video I would be tremendously proud and consider myself a pretty competent designer. This dude killed the retro logo schtick here so hard!!! At first I was skeptical like "More of the same." Nope. Ed Banger and France aren't going anywhere.

Oh yeah. Add this to the list of great So Me sleeves:


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