Tuesday, March 04, 2008

the night I deejayed a music video

On Saturday afternoon, as I nursed my hangover and incredibly bruised left foot after a night with Black Lips, I got a call from someone from the KK. I don't even know who it was. I don't know most of their names. Anyway, the guy told me some rap group was going to film a video that night and I was supposed to play the song three times for them. I obliged and didn't really think much of it. As the night grew closer and I realized that I was actually going to have to DJ and play some song a bunch of times, I worried that this group was gonna suck and the whole night was gonna be even lamer than a normal Beckies-and-Bros Saturday night hoedown at Kollege Klub.

I was wrong. The dudes in Reigny Day Productions were mad cool and more importantly made a dope song. These guys really came off like musicians (especially the dude Reign) as opposed to "rappers" with some wack-ass demo. I was skeptical when I found out the name of the song was "Broadband Love" but shit went off like crazy in KK. I was stunned. And, frankly, I had a great time.

I told them they could do whatever they wanted as long as they put me in the video. I think I was half-joking and half-wasted but they did it anyway!! Look for your boy Mush Kid at around 1:27!!

Gotta give them respect for their hustle, as well. Got a text message from Reign himself alerting me of the video (three-day turnaround!) and telling me to post it on my facebook. That's grinding. Keep making moves!!

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