Sunday, June 15, 2008

"day 'n' night" crookers remix

so this is that latest internet remix to get love from DJ nerds and work at mainstream Betty and stripe shirts spots, apparently. I wouldn't know. What I do know is that the OG is one of the catchiest, spaciest melodies I've heard in forever, and it's a strange track that I've never really known where to place. It's somewhere between the hispter-hop and blawg haus hype worlds and just some normal pop shit for the radio. Then there's the monster remix from the crazy ass rave-talians that just takes all concepts of a normal dancefloor and smashes them straight into the sides of your brain until you forget what it was supposed to look and sound like. These dudes have a way with the heavy-handed house rhythms and rave energy that basically no onther remixers or even producers at their level can keep up with right now. That's why they're in F55! It's lose-your-shit type of the track off their EP "Big Money Comin" is what I imagine life to sound like when they invent the prefect drug tailored for each person individually and parties stop being about who you know or who you are and everyone just automatically gets assigned to their party-mates for the night with whom you have the greatest night ever with every night. This Kid Cudi thing is like that except less rave and more swagger. It's a special track, like a nu-disco banger on hgh, but without the super beefiness or over-the-top samples. A lot of that has to do with the tastefulness of Kid Cudi's original, but I a lot of credit is due to crookers for realizing that a peak time killer doesn't always have to be all whistles and molly and shit

this is what Uzbekistan looks like. So crazy cuz when I was in 2nd grade I used to study maps like a weirdo and it was right around the time that the USSR broke up so all the new maps came out with all these bizarre new countries on them. And I used to love telling people I knew all the capitals of all the -Stan countries like Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan and how I could tell them all apart. Then Borat came out and now everyone knows what Kazakhstan is. But this shit is real and people actually live in places like this.


Nick said...

"whistles and molly and shit"

"But this shit is real and people actually live in places like this."


you know what the capital of djibouti is? djibouti!