Thursday, June 19, 2008

lexie mountain boys (girls)

these girls are so next level I don't even want to show my internet face anymore in fear of being totally outdone. They're like so beyond any existing cool spectrum for anything: art school hipsters, musicians, crazy people you see walking around the street, crazy people you party with and who do too many drugs. Way past that. There are so many things that are cool about Lexie Mountain Boys that you could ignore their music totally and the list would still be pretty thorough.

1. They're from Baltimore.
2. They're girls.
3. They wear beards on stage.
4. They don't need any gear or even microphones when they play shows.
5. Their music is pretty much just them humming and chanting and chirping and breathing(!) and banging on things.
6. They have a song called "Fried Swash Accidental" and another called "Glasses Are Classy."

Even though they sound like cave-women I imagine them to be really attractive. Not clicking on their myspace because I want to hold on to that, OK? Some of my favorite excerpts from the email interview of theirs that I just coded:

"we got big religion. we are souls growing together and looking out on the world from the mountain we form. we got a big mountain of religion."

"Acapella music in general sounds vaguely religious, it is spare cause the lord don't like no junk cluttering up His praise."

"We are zealous and dedicated and backsliding and contrarian so that makes us a new scary type of ultra-conservative -- so far left we've already fed everyone in the world and so far right we enforced mandatory helmet-wearing and smoking-cessation."

"I tease at the Idea of us being a goober cult."

"Beards protect our delicate faces from the harsh elements, filter large particles from the air we breathe and delight children far and wide. In their furry fettering of our faces, they allow us to do our work freely and unfettered indeed."

"I like peering out of a beard. It is like armor and like fun underwear."

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