Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer robot rap

so I posted about "Put On" right when it came out and I wasn't so crazy about it at the time. I think the true breadth of the track needed time to simmer and burrow itself into my already autotune-rap-filled consciousness. But this is so fucking epic it's like confusing me. There's nothing about this track besides the personnel that would point to it becoming a big hit right now during the summer. It sounds dark and sad, big synths and drama but not in a "Got Money" way. I could see it being a big street track for Jeezy fans who loved that Shawty Redd, Southern gothic sound from Thug Motivation, but add an event appearance from Kanye and you don't know what you're gonna get. As has been mentioned elsewhere on these innernets, Kanye sounds like a dying robot who just found out how to feel feelings and wants to sing all about it. I got to give one thing to the dude, he's never satisfied. Which is good, considering he just came off like the biggest tour ever and basically knows he's the shit in every conceivable way right now. But there's still bitches that owe him sex!!!

Of course, the verse is tinted with a little bit of melancholy, being only one of three major appearances he's made since his mom died. This verse is proof positive that Kanye is a world class rock star, taking a pretty good concept (if not entirely mundane) and elevating it to his vaguely-delusional bizarro universe where Kanye is Jesus and Jay-z combined times a billion. But I have to call bullshit. Dude, I was at your Chi "Glow In The Dark" show and you didn't Put On. Also, this verse is a lesson in overtly exaggerated sentimentality. We know you Kanye. This is the guy that cried after he didn't get a fucking MTV award. I'm not claiming the guy doesn't miss his mother or isn't feeling a little slighted (and for his credit this dissatisfaction is clearly driving him to what looks like some of his best and most interesting work yet), but I am questioning whether he really gives a shit at all about all the people he "put on from the 'Go"..."The top is so lonely" but you forced yourself up there, would never even consider yourself anywhere else.

But besides all that, the love for this song is the most encouraging thing this year, for me. After a endless strings of "Low"s and "Crank Dat"s people are feeling these two guys for their weird, dark, overly dramatic selves. Jeezy is one of my favorites right now, and he's doing something that most other rappers don't have the balls to do, just doing themselves and whatever comes with that. And people are feeling him.

jeezy and kanye last night at BET via nahright

"Put On" is an unexpected summer jam. And with the "Lollipop" Remix and "Got Money" it forms the 2008 Triumvirate of Autotune Masters and a strange network of Weezy, Yeezy and T-Pain dominated bangers and ubiquitous Hot97 summer-in-BK car window blasters. (Props to Maino and T.I. for having the other best songs out right now).

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